Sage + Lavender + Urban Forest | 3 Pack

Sage + Lavender + Urban Forest |  3 Pack

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Get our 3 favorite candles for $55 each when you buy this pack!!!

Energizes, relaxes, elevates and liberates the spirit. Scented with pure essential oils of wild grown American cedar, fir balsam, sweet fennel and toasted black coffee.
Notes: Warm wood + sweet anise + balsamic greens
Blend: Pure essential oils of wild grown cedar wood, Fir balsam, fennel + coffee
Aromatherapy benefits: Energizes, relaxes, elevates + liberates the spirit
Atmospheric benefits: Transformative + freeing 

CLARITY. Helps to lifts mental fog and sharpen the senses
Notes: Herbaceous + spicy
Blend: Pure essential oil of Spanish sage
Aromatherapy benefits: Cleanses + Restores
Atmospheric benefits: Freshens + brightens

Calms, releases tension, and balances mood and space. Scented with pure French lavender essential oil and a few drops of eucalyptus.
Notes: Delicate floral + green herb
Blend: Pure essential oil of lavender with a touch of eucalyptus
Aromatherapy benefits: Calms, relieves headaches + promotes restful sleep
Atmospheric benefits: Balances + deodorizes

contains 3 - 10 oz candles each with a 65 hour burn time
To best preserve your lavender candle please store out of heat, humidity and direct sun. This will protect against melting. See warning label for more detailed instructions. 

A portion of profits goes to charities that help to bring light, through solar power, to communities around the world that do not have electricity. 



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