Essential Oil Perfume Set

Essential Oil Perfume Set

$ 125.00

All three of our Essential Oil Perfumes all wrapped up! Available for limited time. 

Layer or wear separately. Perfect for all your moods ...... 


INGRACE A serene and alluring scent. Smooth, herbaceous, and softly sweet 
Mood: Peaceful and serene Blend Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, Organic Egyptian Petitgrain Sur Fleur, and Wild-crafted Brazilian Bois De Rose

INHEART A tenacious and grounding scent. 
Resinous, earthy, and densely woody
Mood Confident and sound 
Blend Organic Haitian Vetiver and Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood

INRAPTURE An elating and blissful scent. Bright, citrusy, and slightly balsamic
Mood Blissful and joyful Blend Wild-crafted Italian Bergamot, Organic Egyptian Petitgrain Sur Fleur, Wild-grown Haitian Amyris, and American Ruby Red Grapefruit

LITE+CYCLE Essential Oil Perfume ripens mood using the power of plants. An olfactory experience formulated to transform the spirit using the intelligence of nature, each essential oil blend assists in balancing mood while providing a delicate perfume. Intentionally intimate, our essential oil perfumes provide transforming harmonic aroma while simultaneously respecting the sensory space of fellow humans.

  • 8ml with metal roller ball
  • Made with organic and wild-crafted essential oils
  • Powerful blends that contain 20-30% scent 
  • Cooling metal roll-on applicator
  • Slim travel size
  • 100% pure plant oils only
  • Free from synthetics, phthalates and petro-chemicals
  • Globally + responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Genuine aromatherapy benefits
  • No secret fragrance ingredients
  • Optimal for 6 months after opening. Will last up to 12 months
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA
  • Store out of direct heat and sun