6 Pack Essential Oil Candle Sampler

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A complete set of our candle scents in 2 oz tins!
This 6 pack scent comes in a shippable box, no fuss, no extras! An easy way to test all six of our beloved essential oil, pure and transparent ingredient candles. Send to friends, smell test, take with you on your travels. Enjoy!

Lavender Essential Oil Candle : Delicate floral and green herb, a pure essential oil blend of lavender with a touch of eucalyptus. Balances + Calms
Bergamot Essential Oil Candle : A zesty citrus with a hint of delicate floral,
a pure essential oil blend of Italian bergamot and grapefruit. Uplifting and energizing
Vetiver Essential Oil Candle : Earthy and warm, a pure essential oil blend of vetiver with a hint of vanilla. Stabilizes, comforts + promotes emotional balance
Sage Essential Oil Candle : Herbaceous + spicy, a pure essential oil blend of Spanish sage. Cleanses + restore
Urban Forest Essential Oil Candle : Warm wood, sweet anise and balsamic greens, a pure essential oil blend of wild grown American cedar wood, Fir balsam, fennel and coffee. Liberating and transforming.
Blooms: Flora, enchanting jasmine, rose and neroli, a pure flower oil blend a true pleasing aroma.

MADE WITH: 100% pure plant and flower oil scents, American-grown soy wax, and an unbleached cotton wick.
WITHOUT: paraffin, dyes, lead, phthalates, animal by-products, secret ingredients, or synthetic fragrances or fragrance additives.

For further ingredient information, click here. For FAQ about our ethics and purity click here.

CARE + BURNINGTo best preserve your candle please store out of heat, humidity and direct sun. This will protect against melting. See warning label for more detailed instructions.  For more information on care and maintenance click here.