LITE+CYCLE creates biotic essential oil fragrances that magnify values of purity, honesty, lite, and beauty. Founded in 2013 by artist Kristi Head, with the intention of illuminating healthier fragrance practices, each fragrance is pristine and artful. No synthetics, toxic additives or hidden fragrance chemicals are ever used.


We believe in shedding light on healthier fragrance practices by eliminating synthetic substances and disclosing all fragrance ingredients. We choose ingredients that sit lightly on the planet and on our bodies.


We believe in the flow of creativity and connectivity of all beings.We give back to the global communities that help us thrive. We believe in the innate intelligence and abundant beauty of nature.

Founder + Creative Director

Artist, designer and healthy scent advocate, Kristi Head has over 12 years of experience in brand innovation, packaging design, and beauty product development. After a formal education in visual arts and packaging design at Boston University and Parson School of Design, Kristi worked with numerous beauty and fragrance companies designing and developing packaging and brand identity.

Naturally sensitive to synthetic fragrance and dedicated to functional beautiful design, Kristi launched LITE+CYCLE with the intention of creating a truly healthy and transparent line of scents that enhance mood for a more balanced life. Applying her artistic sensibilities, love of elegant aesthetics, and respect for nature's intelligence, Kristi creates refined natural fragrances that nurture body and spirit. A native New Yorker, Kristi currently works and lives in Los Angeles.



A portion of profits goes to charities that help to bring light, through solar power, to communities around the world that do not have electricity. 



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