LITE+CYCLE creates essential oil fragrances for the home and body that magnify the abundant beauty of the natural world by bringing the purest essences from field to forest into daily life. Traditionally crafted using only therapeutic-grade essential oils our fragrances combine the values of purity and wellness with elegant design. No synthetics, toxic additives or hidden fragrance chemicals are ever used.

Each of our scents smells authentically of the plants from which it was created because we utilize only 100% pure and genuine essential oils - to enhance the flow of a balanced life and provide powerful aromatherapy .


We believe that what we breathe in is as important as the products we put on our bodies and the foods we eat. We believe in eliminating disruptive and synthetic substances like phthalates, petrochemicals, lead and paraffin. We believe in honoring nature’s inherent intelligence by using time-honored techniques for our essential oil fragrances like organic farming, cold pressing, and hand blending. Our healthy candles and perfumes represent purity, intention, and beauty.


PURITY our 100% essential oil scents are cleanly distilled to maintain genuine aromatherapy benefits.

HONESTY we practice total ingredient transparency. No "fragrance" secrets.

BEAUTY  we design with elegance and function in mind to create purposeful products for a beautiful balanced life.

TRADITION we use age-old processes that result in superior quality.

LITE we choose ingredients that sit lightly on the planet and on our bodies.


LITE+CYCLE also produces finished products for other brands. Including custom essential oil fragrances, organic beauty products and custom designed packaging. Private label turnkey is available. contact us for more details