Our candles are handmade, in a synthetic and toxic free environment, by an intimate team of women, family, friends, and all around wonderful people. We hope you enjoy this sweet video where we tour the special place that makes our natural, non-toxic, vegan, essential oil candles. On this winter day it was our "famed" Vetiver Essential Oil Candles that were in full swing, being made with joy and calm on the rural east coast of the United States.


Before we even think about wax, we think about scent. Simple, natural world experiences are the keystone to how we develop our scents. The first thing is to find inspiration. Often that can come from a walk, or an aromatic longing, and sometimes just the desire to call in a mood (aromatherapy is our friend).

Then the play begins, with intuitive essential oil blending and a little aromatherapy training - different oils are chosen and blended together to create our final scent story. Once we have something we like, it then goes to our team on the east coast to work into (non-gmo soy) wax. It's a delicate and complex process that we love to share with you.

It has taken us years to produce these fine and seemingly simple aromas, and we we hope you enjoy all the love and care they are made with - down to the very last drop of wax.