$ 22.00

Our signature etched gold candle lid can be used to extinguish your 10 oz LITE+CYCLE Essential Oil Candle. Designed to have multiple functions it can also ignite a strike-anywhere match, function as a stand, a coaster, and when turned over a shallow dish.

STRIKE GOLD: The underside of the gold lid is designed with a custom pattern that creates a textured surface for igniting a strike-anywhere match. Strike with a little gusto!
EXTINGUISH: The gold lid is weighted to safely extinguish your candle to eliminate smoke and heat. Once you are done burning simply place the lid on top of the glass, while the soy wax candle is still lit. The flame will slowly go out. No messy smoke, or unattractive half burned candle messiness.

Our signature geometric pattern is a modern take on the mandala, a spirtual and symbolic representation of the universe, that Carl Jung, signifies to the whole self striving for harmony. The open negative space at the center represents a quite point of focus - the lite.

size 3.25" diameter
weight .25 lbs

A portion of profits goes to charities that help to bring light, through solar power, to communities around the world that do not have electricity. 

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