Urban Forest

Urban Forest


A new scent in the LITE+CYCLE sustainable pillar candle collection, URBAN FOREST captures the dichotomy of a city landscape bordered by green environs. It’s a scent that juxtaposes the placidity of dry terrain with the energy of city caffeine: a blend of American wild-grown cedar, fennel, fir and a hint of coffee. The interplay of these notes hits the perfect balance between Zen-appeal and metropolitan exhilaration.

The inspiration behind this ecological scent exploration comes out of the LITE+CYCLE creator’s experience of moving out West. Making the trek from Brooklyn, NY  to Los Angeles, CA and falling in love with a forest world nestled in urban surroundings did not just excite her it transformed her. When she moved to Los Angeles, she was surprised by the close proximity of rough, rugged, untamed nature. Her romance with the sylvan setting of Griffith Park satiated  her appreciation of the outdoors: the peace and quietude, the woodsy scents, the presence of local wildlife. Deer, coyotes and a mountain lion were the new neighbors. The nature explorer could be appeased in the same location as the citified self.

Urban Forest was produced as an art project - turned commodity.  How to capture these sensations through scent. First through visual exploration, tactile collections and listening. The result perhaps less important than the process. Nonetheless leaving behind a tangible sense provocation of the lush, invigorating complexity between city and forest.

The Urban Forest Essential Pillar Candle is a harmonious, aromatic hybrid of town and country, of the quick pace of the city and the earthy spirit of the forest.  Made for the urbanite who is secretly a flower child.

Below images are selections from a printed book of the process. All images Created by LITE+CYCLE in 2013. All rights reserved.



Original music by Lawrence Katz.