Sage: Ignite Positivity

Sage: Ignite Positivity

We are preparing for the holidays and the New Year by burning LITE+CYCLE’s limited edition Sage Candle religiously.  All through the holiday chaos right through January.

Ignite a positive spirit.

Sage plants have been ritually burned to cleanse the mind and ward off evil since ancient times. Now, aromatherapy with our simple and pure essential oil sage candles eliminates the smoke and debris that otherwise comes from burning sage inside your home. Our sage oil is distilled by steaming the plant and collecting the essential oils, then hand blending it into our 100% natural plant wax.


Since the discovery of sage, it has been known to be a sacred herb in preserving health and well-being. This is why the root of sage, or Salivia officinalis, is derived from the latin word meaning “to save” or “to heal“. Sage has been traditionally used to protect against unwanted pains and angst. The presence of sage in history is so strong that it was even believed to be a remedy in protecting oneself against the black plague in Europe. Its powerful reputation spurred the saying in the medieval ages, “How can a man die who has sage growing in his garden?”

A natural candle with sage has many of the same benefits. The essential oil contains phenolic acid which fights against free-radicals from pollution in the air, renewing your body as well as mind. Our essential oil sage candle also makes a great gift paired with champagne!

Light it up. Burn good.

Two great holiday recipes that incorporate sage: Ricotta Raviolio with Sage Brown Butter  and Mushroom Cornbread Leek (w/Sage) Stuffing