Neighborhood Jasmine

Neighborhood Jasmine

Spring came early to Los Angeles this year. As soon as the temperatures rise, the city boasts an abundance of beautiful blossoms. Bougainvillea bursts from hedges, the citrus trees tucked in nearly every backyard bloom, and jasmine tumbles into sidewalks and alleyways. Here is how we like to magnify all the organic beauty in our neighborhood into natural aromatherapy for the home.

A favorite technique: mixing the delicate scent of seasonal flowers with LITE+CYCLE pure essential oil candles to create a pure home fragrance with lots of scent depth. When paired, the warm aroma of the candle enhances the floral scent and sets a beautiful home ambiance.

Neighborhood  Jasmine flowers + LITE+CYCLE Bergamot essential oil candle

Care: Jasmine flowers are quite delicate, so treat them gently. If you can, choose blossoms on a long stem that you can submerge in a bud vase. If you’re only able to pluck a few short blooms, you can float them in a shallow dish with a small amount of water. Or an awesome little ceramic like we did. Change the water regularly to keep the flowers fresh. 

How to: Place freshly picked jasmine anywhere in the room and light your bergamot candle opposite it; this will allow the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to commingle, like they do in nature.  As the candle warms and begins to melt, the power of plants and their scent make up will blend in the air. A pure fragrance blend of floral sweetness and fresh citrus is achieved. 

Aromatherapy benefits: Bergamot uplifts, brightens, and relieves melancholy. Jasmine encourages emotional warmth, alleviates anxiety, and helps promote restful sleep. Use them together to create an optimistic and peaceful natural home fragrance.