Valentine’s Day is approaching, and while we don’t take this holiday too seriously (save for the chocolate), we do think it is a fun reminder to celebrate love and appreciation for "that kind of feeling"...  

The kind of feeling that makes your skin warm and your lips red, and maybe, if you’re lucky a little weak in the knees too. This includes self-love 100% BTW! And we are tapping into it this year with our two favorite senses, scent and touch.

In love, scent and touch seem to always go hand in hand, when we are skin to skin,  our nose takes it into the brain > feelings arise > memories get made . We have all experienced the power of scent and nostalgia, and have gotten sparkly on the inside when we smell something that reminds us of "them" or "that time when.." This Valentine's Day we want to help you create more of those scent memories with this sure to be nostalgic, limited edition LOVE ME BODY OIL.

The LOVE ME BODY OIL is great for everyday all over skin hydration and is an excellent intimacy oil (you’ll thank us later). Take this pure plant and flower body oil into bed - alone or with a lover. Warm the skin with nourishing argan, jojoba and rose hip oils. Breath in the scents of rose, lavender and rosewood and let their calming and aphrodisiac qualities wash over you. Burn an ESSENTIAL OIL LAVENDER CANDLE  to create an even more mellow mood, or warm the room with sultry grounding scent of our  ESSENTIAL OIL VETIVER CANDLE . YOU ARE LOVED.

Ingredient + Aromatherapy Benefits:

Lavender Essential Oil
Steam distilled from the lavender plant, this highly aromatherapuetic oil can help; promote relaxation, ease anxiety, temper a rambling belly, and even help with some allergies. The scent is delicately floral and completely fresh and lovely. 

Rose Otto Essential Oil
Hydro distilled from the petals of the rose flower, makes this flower oil suitable for aromatherapy (not the same for rose absolute, which is extracted using solvents and is not considered aromatherapeutic). Rose otto has a soft floral scent with a hint of citrus. Just smelling it has been shown to decrease activity in the sympathetic nervous system, and may help boost libido! It is gentle on the skin.

Rosewood Essential Oil 
The aroma of rosewood has been credited with helping to lift libido and acting as an aphrodisiac. Steam distilled from the woody matter of the Rosewood evergreen tree this oil has a fruity, floral and woody scent. 

Argan Oil
Full of vitamin E and omegas this oil is highly nourishing and creates the most sensuous and luxurious texture on the skin.  

Jojoba Oil
The most structurally similar to our body’s naturally producing oils makes this oil the most loved by skin!  It is incredibly hydrating and may even help to sooth eczema. It is less likely to clog pours or cause irritation than most other oils.

Rose Hip Oil
Super hydrating and soothing to the skin rose hip oil is full of vitamin C and can help reduce inflammation. Rose hips are found on the rose plant and carry the rose seeds.

This is an intimate formulation, that you will love, and it will love you. For external use only.

* Black and White Photo Credit: Alexander Krivitskiy