Pure+Wild Q+A With Kristi Head

Pure+Wild Q+A With Kristi Head

The below is a Q+A with Kristi and Pure+Wild posted on their blog on 3/6/17 click above to learn more about their journal.

Q: Can you tell us about what you were doing before you launched LITE+CYCLE  and what inspired its creation?

A: I was working as a consultant doing packaging and branding design. I was also in the midst of exiting a business partnership in perfume company that I had started back in 2008.

Q: What does conscious commerce mean to you and how does LITE+CYCLE embody this ?

A: Conscious commerce to me means consuming with mindfulness. This translates to less impulse buying and more awareness of your alignment with a brand’s values. LITE+CYCLE values transparency, wellness, minimalism, clean living, simple elegant aesthetics, and the cycles of the natural world. We embody conscious commerce first and foremost by putting the customer first. We offer a scent experience that is one of (if not the only) the healthiest on the market. We also provide customers total visibility on what ingredients are in our products. We do not take advantage of the industry standard of using the word “fragrance” as a place holder for our scents. Instead we carefully list each ingredient. We create products that enhance a healthy and balanced life, because we really want the best for each and every one of you.

Q: You mentioned to me that while people are now hyper aware of clean eating and clean beauty, they are still burning candles with harmful ingredients. Why do you think this blind spot exists ? How are your products different from others on the market ?

A: I love this question. I believe there are many reasons for this blind spot. Most of us, myself included, are doing the best we can to digest the rapid and overwhelming wellness information that is being exposed daily. That said, doing it all is not always possible, so we choose our battles (and our blind spots) - fragrance might be last on the list because, when our brains process fragrance it directly hits our memory bank creating wonderful nostalgia. This can make it hard to give up the scents we love.

Additionally, pure essential oil fragrances provide a lighter experience. Unlike synthetic and natural engineered fragrances, the scent is not manipulated to hang in the air. It simply is what it is, just like in nature.

I often relate the experience to food - it’s a bit like eating fresh light fare, as oppose to let’s say Fettuccine Alfredo! It might feel a tad unsatisfying at first, but once you make the transition you really feel the benefits and can’t imagine going back.

A couple things you might notice when you stop engaging with synthetic and natural engineered fragrances might be; less brain fog, no more itchy eyes and skin, allergies dissipate (maybe it isn’t pollen!), less headaches, and a general sense of endocrine balance.

Q: What is your vision for the future of LITE+CYCLE ?

A: My visions are wide and clear, however I am currently living in the present moment.

Q: What have some of the biggest surprises or challenges you have encountered running your business ?

A: The biggest challenge I have encountered with my business has been reaching more people to educate them on the importance of fragrance and their health.

Q: What do you find to be the greatest rewards of being an entrepreneur ?

A: Having a platform to tell an important story and connecting with people all over the world who share my same passion for health, nature and great design has been my greatest reward.

Q: I know for me, as an artist my creative process has distinct rhythms. I am constantly absorbing inspiration from everywhere and then tend to percolate for some time before my ideas manifest into a specific project. What is your creative process like?

A: I am an observer just like you, however I am impulsive when it comes to a creative idea. I often need to get it out immediately once it comes into play. I think I suffer from inspiration overload regularly. ha!

Q: What does self-care mean to you and how has this changed over time ?

A: Self care means making sure my emotions are balanced, I am nourishing my creativity and making space to love the people in my life with full attention and presence.  Over time this has changed from exterior stimulation to a greater focus on depth of spirit and heart. I also buy spiritual gangster tee-shirts once in a while :-)

Q: How do your self-care practices relate to your creative work and process ?

A: In my personal art work, the simple nature of expressing myself is caring for myself. In my creative work for LITE+CYCLE, I make it a point to not create products that are superfluous, but that truly have the potential to add value to people’s lives while considering universal health and heart.

Q: As a native New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, have you found that your environment influences the work you do ?

A: Yes. There is more physical space here which is wonderful for creating, and more sunny days for walking in contemplation. Both feed my creativity. I am more nourished here.

Q: Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you would like to share ?

A: Living with courage, truth and love will always lead you to light.