The Indie Beauty Take On Fragrance Ingredient Disclosure

The Indie Beauty Take On Fragrance Ingredient Disclosure

This past August some of the biggest names in personal care products have vowed to disclose all their fragrance ingredients in the next upcoming years. At LITE+CYCLE we practice total fragrance ingredient transparency and always have. We couldn't be more thrilled to hear that the big companies are joining! 

Kristi Head, found and creator of LITE+CYCLE was interviewed along with other Indie beauty brand founders to gauge the reaction in our community. Below are some experts. 

“Because of experiences working with fragrance businesses, I started to learn what the word fragrance is and that it’s withholding ingredient information to protect trade secrets. When I learned that, it quite frankly pissed me off,” says Head. “People deserve to have choices and options in a fully transparent manner especially when it comes to health, and what we put on our skin and breath in is part of that.”

On ingredient decks, “fragrance” is verboten at Lite + Cycle, which readily divulges the essential oils that produce its scents. Head’s ingredient candor is rare even in the niche fragrance category. But now she’s getting major allies with Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Target moving voluntarily to fragrance ingredient disclosure over the next year to three years. SC Johnson began revealing fragrance ingredients as early as 2012.
“I am super excited that these huge companies are doing this. What gets me so excited about it is that more people will want to know what’s going on,” says Head. “People might start paying more attention and asking, ‘Why don’t you list these ingredients?’”

Head is pushing for the changes in the fragrance segment to not stop with ingredient disclosure. “I hope this dialogue continues in the beauty and fragrance industry,” she says. “We should be coming up with definitions for the words natural and clean, and putting those in place so there’s not just a sea of confusion.”

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